Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Shower for Ava!

My friends Tara and Jenn threw a baby shower for me this weekend. It was a "brunch" with croissants, mini muffins, fresh fruit, homemade mini quiche, o.j., coffee and tea and ofcourse cute pink cupcakes:) I had some great friends come to share in the fun and i recieved some wonderful gifts for Ava. I am 35 weeks along now so really we could have a baby in a few weeks, still can't fully believe it, i just can't wait to hold her and look into her sweet little face!

Me at 35 weeks.

The sweets

The cute diaper cake that my friend Katie made, i love the little leather moccasins she included!

Little pink favors...bath salts for everyone

The guests

Lots of cute girly clothes

Not everything was pink:)

Lots of great things Ava will get alot of use out of

Diaper cake

The pregnant guests...Angie, Genessa, myself, and order of our due dates:)


JCLS said...

So cute! You look so good Nichole.....and I love the name you have picked out. She is going to be so beautiful.....can't wait to see her! Also, we are moving in 2 months to Idaho Falls so we can hangout!

Madeline and Family said...

Wow, 4 pregnant ladies at this party! What fun! Your friend did an awesome job.