Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Javier turns 30!!!!!!!!!

 Javier, his Dad and his brother Sergio all had bdays in the month of September!
 The three birthday boys
 Gavin's little second cousins...now you can see why they think Gavin is too little, compared to Katelyn who is almost six years old...yes he is little;)
 No, Javier didn't get married again...apparently it is Mexican tradition to tell the birthday person to take a bite of the cake so they can smash their face in it...hahaha. The youngest brother, Abel, is the one who did this to all three of the bday guys so we know whos gonna get it bad on his bday in May:)
 Gavin enjoying his "Tres Leches" cake
 Javier's dad Luiz...at least he was a good sport
Javier with the Ipod Touch that his brothers and i pitched in to get him

Our trip to Yellowstone...Part 1

 Gavin catching a ride from Dad
 People get so close to these animals...crazies.
Its amazing to me that people come from all over the world(especially Japan:) to see Old Faithful and we live two hours away and we hadnt been there since we were little kids. 

Our trip to Yellowstone...Part 2

 Old Faithful
 The Cow Elk were showing off for us
 Huge Bull Elk
 Those animals are so majestic
 Upper Mesa Falls...gorgeous with the rainbow in there
 Lower Mesa Falls
Our little Fam