Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Javier!

I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to Javier, he turns 29 years old today! Only one year away from the big 30! I love him sooooo much, he is a great husband and father to Gavin and I am so lucky to have him. I wish I could give him anything and everything that he might want for his birthday because there is no doubt that he deserves it. I hope he knows how much i love him and that i love him more and more everyday. I know i don't brag about him as much as i should, considering i have one of the greatest guys ever. Here are some things that i love about him, theres nothing like a little embarassement on your Birthday:)...he will love me for it.

1. I love his legs:)

2. I love how he lets me play with his ears for a while before he gets annoyed.

3. I love how he knows a little about everything.(his brain is like a sponge)

4. I love how he works so hard for his family, even though he doesn't love his job.

5. I love how "big" he is, he is like my big teddy bear.

6. I love that he loves me for who I am.

7. I love his brown eyes.

8. I love how he LOVES my cooking and appreciates my effort even when something doesn't turn out exactly right.

9. I love that he strives to be a better man, father, and husband(even though he is wonderful already).

10. I love how he can always make me laugh even when i don't want to.

I know 29 is not "old" by any means but i like the fact that we are married and we WILL grown OLD together...thats not scary to me, its exciting. I like to imagine what our life will be like in the years to come, as we get older and our family grows and we share many more birthdays together. I love you honey...I hope you know just how much. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Eyeshadow in the armpits...he never seizes to amaze me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So we made it to the Fair again Saturday night! We took Gavin to the Demolition Derby, he was mesmerized by all of the junkers crashing into eachother. I wouldn't have been there if I didn't have Gavin but it was fun to see his reaction and Javier enjoyed it of course. We walked around and ate after the Derby was over and Gavin spotted a game that involved throwing a baseball so we had to spend some time there letting him throw the ball. We had a good time and are looking forward to the Fair next year!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charlie the Chuckar

Gavin made a new friend lastnight at the baseball game. He didn't even mind Charlie the Chuckar holding him, we thought it was so funny.


When the game was over they let all of the kids in the stands go down and run the bases, Gavin was in Heaven even though it was kind of like The Running of the Bulls with so many kids! He had a blast.


This was so cute!!!! Charlie kissed Gavin then Gavin kissed Charlie, he thought it was hilarious. I loved how Charlie gives him a thumbs up and you can see Gavin do it back to Charlie.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, we finally made it to the Oregon coast to visit my Dad and the rest of the family. My Dad didn't know we were coming so that made it even better! We had a great time visiting different beaches along the coast, going to see the sea lions in Newport and playing on the beach at "D River" where the water running into the ocean was so nice and warm. Javier and I also celebrated our First Anniversary on the 30th of was so nice to be somewhere so beautiful and to enjoy eachother in a new and fun enviornment. Dad and Susan watched Gavin for us for a few hours on Sunday so we could go have a nice dinner and spend some time alone together. We loved it.