Friday, March 27, 2009

Us at the World Baseball Classics Game at Dodger Stadium, Javier wasn't feeling good thus the expression...
Gavin wearing his Yankee Jersey that he got for his Birthday

He was getting really into the game, he wanted to catch the ball so badly.

This was on the Pier at Huntington Beach, it was so windy while we were there.

It was so windy and a little chilly at the beach that Gavin didn't have a very good time, but he did get to put his feet in the ocean for the first time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Brownie Batter and a Bruise

We had fun yesterday by making brownies, Gavin loves to help me use the hand mixer, he keeps saying "I cook" . He likes helping me in the kitchen.
Notice the bruise and goose egg on his forhead, he fell smacked his head on the corner of his crib! I guess he was due for something because it had been quite a while since he had a bruise on his head:(

Friday, March 6, 2009

Afternoon treat


After lunch we had some strawberry ice cream...his reaction to the cold ice cream cracked me up.

Just Chatting...


I just thought this was kind of can see his big boy haircut really well here...we went to a salon and had it cut, i was sure he wasn't going to go through with it and actually let a stranger cut his hair but he did. He didn't cry or whine at all, i was so proud of him.

Bathtime Challenge


This is my latest challenge with the newly two year old...he freaks out when i have to rinse the soap out of his hair...the screaming and splashing came right after i turned the camera off:(

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 1st...Gavin's 2nd Birthday!

Gavin's Elmo "cupcake cake" was so i didn't make it.
I think he was remembering lastyear and how we encouraged him to dive into the cake.

He actually got two of these basketball hoops...he has so much fun with it, he thinks he's a real basketball player from watching it with Dad all the time.

Javier and I got this little buggy/car for him...he stays in it half the day! The next day i had to feed him breakfast and lunch while he was sitting in there, whatever works, right?