Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Makin' the best of the ***snow***

Gavin wanted to go outside and play so badly so we did and had fun making this snow man...I know he is missing a mouth...I couldn't think of anything to use for a mouth-he's still pretty cute though!


This is my beautiful green enamel covered cast iron pot that Javier gave me for Christmas...I had been wanting one for a long time and I love it! Supossedly this pot is going to last me i am going to put it to good use.
This is the Chicken and Dumplings that i made...even the dumplings were made from scratch, it was the first time i have ever made this and it turned out awesome!

The final product...i think next time i will serve it with mashed potatoes instead of rice. I am trying to figure out what i can make next with my wonderful cast iron cookware!

Little Buddies

This is my friend Mandy's little boy Noah and Gavin...we got together about a week ago and just let the kids play together for a couple hours. Both of the boys are the only child in their families so sharing is still something that needs to be worked on, but they did pretty good overall. Gavin and Noah are three months apart and i wished they lived closer so they could play much more often!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8 Favorite Things")

Here are the 8s:Rules:1) Post Rules on your blog2) Answer the six "8" items3) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.
8 favorite TV shows: Rachael Ray' Talk show,John and Kate plus 8,Little People Big World,Paula's Home Cooking,Giada at Home,Oprah, Dr. Phil,Sesame Street
8 things I did yesterday:Watched the Innauguration on T.V.,gave Gavin a bath, Looked for my dog that was lost,gave the dog a bath (when we found him),made meatloaf for dinner,ate popcorn too late at night,took a shower,made cookies.
8 things I look forward to:Gavin being out of the "terrible two"stage,Gavin being Potty trained,Going on a vacation this summer,having another baby someday,Javier having a different job one day,Seeing my Aunt Terri again,Going to Red Lobster for dinner,My Birthday
8 favorite restaurants:P.F Changs,Jaliscos,Olive Garden,Blue Hashi,Texas Roadhouse,Red Lobster(Thats all i can come up with:(.
i don't have 8 people to i tag Courtney, Sherri and Genessa:)